Posture correcting T-shirts, created in Latvia, Europe.

Created in Latvia with the support from RTU Student business incubator

While working on the shirt, its developers turned to orthopaedists who confirmed that the back needs freedom of movement and that the only way to improve one’s posture is by working out the back muscles and the Correcty posture correcting T‑shirt fulfills this function daily.

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Different shirts for women and men

The most import thing is that the T-shirt fits perfectly in the shoulder region. The shoulders are the main area on which the innovative in-built system will work. Hips and waist differ for each body type, so for women the main guideline in choosing a Correcty shirt is breast circumference.

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When I heard of this shirt, I immediately was curious to try it and see how I feel in it on days when I know that I will have to work sitting by the computer for long hours. In the beginning, I always reminded myself that I’m wearing a special posture and shoulder correcting shirt, but forgot about it during the day... I definitely see a difference when I’m wearing the shirt and when not. Results are tangible if the shirt is worn regularly and for a longer time. I’m particularly happy about the sturdy material of the shirt and the cleaning is easy. Even after washing it in the washing machine, it is still going strong! / Sindija Bokane

Your posture – your confidence!

Correcty T-shirt has a special correcting scheme that supports the shoulders, that’s why using the shirt daily helps to strengthen back muscles and correct the posture.

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